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Wolf Cub on a rainy day || Canon EOS 40D/EF70-200mm f/4L USM | 1/400 | f/4 | ISO 1600 | Handheld
The weather was pretty miserable here, I had my camera wrapped in a shower cap with rubber bands holding it to the edge of the lens, hoping that they really had made the 40D to handle wet weather. Every time I look at this image, it takes me to that point in time, feeling wet, cold, and I imagine this wolf cub had a similar thought "Why am I out here, I should be trying to find cover!". Shot at the Lakota Wolf Preserver in New Jersey.

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Wolf Cub || Canon EOS 40D/EF70-200mm f/4L USM | 1/200 | f/4 | ISO 1600 | Handheld
(Sorry for the lack of postings lately, just got back from a great vacation in Florida.) This is another shot from my trip to New Jersey, at the Lakota Wolf Preserve. We had a rather sizeable rain storm come through while we were there, and this one was taken in the middle of the day with a very dark rain cloud still over head. The rain had let up to a light drizzle, and so I left the cover of the bus to go take some more photographs. This is one of their wolf cubs, and while the image is dark, it was dark, so I think it represents the mood and feeling. I was rather pleased with my camera's handling of the high ISO, since my 10D didn't do nearly as well.

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Wolf Looking || Canon EOS 40D/EF70-200mm f/4L USM | 1/250 | f/4 | ISO 400 | Handheld
I had a great opportunity to go to New Jersey on a Popular Photography Mentor Series tour in August.  One of our stops was the Lakota Wolf Preserve.  They had many incredible animals, and the fences had little cutouts for cameras.  I caught this one looking straight at me, and I wonder what he was thinking... It was very dark and cloudy, and moments after this it stormed.

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