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Brooke || Canon 40D/EF28-135@50 | f11 | 1/1000s | ISO100 | Handheld

Brooke || Canon 40D/EF28-135@50 | 1/1000s | f11 | ISO100 | Handheld

My cousin Brooke was brave enough to ask me if I'd do her senior pictures.  I was a little anxious, but I had a great time, and Brooke was a great sport. This is one that I was pleased with.  I saw an album cover for Adele's album 19 and thought it would be neat if I could do something like that.  So using my trusty 580EX II, and ST-E2, I took a couple dozen pictures moving the flash and trying a shot (there is certainly something to be said about studio lights).  The light was really harsh, so I used some gausian blur in Photoshop to soften things up a bit.

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