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Duke Farms Light Painting

Light Painting || Canon 40D/Tokina12-24@14 | 30s | f8 | ISO100 | Tripod

This is from my trip to New Jersey. One of our stops was at Duke Farms. We were told that we were going to go walk the grounds at sunset and do some photography at the old hay barn . In my mind I was picturing an old wooden barn, this was nothing of the sort. The ruins were the stone remaining from the fire, and is now used to house several marble statues. We stayed quite late, experimenting with light painting. This one was done using a flashlight, a red gel, and a blue gel. For those unaware of what light painting is, the idea is to leave the exposure open for a long time, and then paint with various lights what you'd like to show up in the photograph. So in this case, this is a white marble statue, painted with red and blue light.

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