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Camel on the Giza || Canon10D/EF28-135@28 | 1/180s | f11 | ISO100 | Handheld
Not my favorite time of day to be shooting, but I took what I could get! Oh, and if you ever get an offer to sit on a camel, make sure you've negotiated the price BEFORE you get on, otherwise, it makes it hard to get off!

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Pyramids || Canon10D/Tokina12-24@12 | 1/125s | f11 | ISO100 | Tripod
This was the first place we came after getting off the airplane, I was amazed at how close it was to Cairo, how the city surrounds the pyramids and how close our hotel was to them. I learned a lesson about circular polarizing filters and wide angle lenses in this shot. The one I had doesn't work so well the wider you go, if you go wide (12mm here) it provides some rather deep dark vignetting (the unnatural blue here). If you're interested, here's some good info about polarizers. Update: Ok, ok... so I can't believe that I double posted an image already. I'll try to better about that 🙂

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Ankh at Philae || Canon40D/Tokina 12-24@12 | f4 | 1/180s | ISO100 | Handheld

Ankh at Philae || Canon10D/Tokina 12-24@12 | f4 | 1/180s | ISO100 | Handheld

One of the stops in Egypt was the temple complex of Philae. This complex was flooded frequently when a dam was constructed, and in order to preserve it, the entire temple complex was moved piece by piece over the course of three years (1977-1980) to an island at a higher altitude where it rests today. I used a graduated neutral density filter horizontally to provide the shading on the front column.

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Pyramids || Canon10D/Tokina12-24@12mm | 1/125s | f11 | ISO100 | Tripod

Pyramids || Canon10D/Tokina12-24@12mm | 1/125s | f11 | ISO100 | Tripod

As mentioned earlier in my blog, I had the chance to go to Egypt, and I think the next series will be from that trip.  This was the first day, shortly after we landed. I was experimenting with my new wide angle lens and my polarization filter, this is an example of what happens when you use a polarization filter on a wide angle lens and shoot wide :), very deep dark in one corner. Not the best of lighting conditions for photographs, but they were simply incredible.

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Luxor Columns || Canon 10D/EF28-135@56 | 10s | f11 | ISO 100 | Tripod

In March of 2007 I was lucky to have a chance to go to Egypt with my Dad. We went with the Popular Photography Mentor Series group ( and had an amazing time.  Towards the end of the trip we were at Luxor and at night they light some of the ruins, needless to say we spent a few hours photographing the ruins. (Side note: The photo in my about page was also taken in this temple complex.)

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