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Restrained|| Canon40D/EF28-135@90 | 1/250s | f11 | ISO400 | Handheld
First place! I'm a member of the Wasatch Camera Club and we meet in downtown Salt Lake City once or twice a month.  We also have competitions every couple of months and this past Thursday was one. I submitted this picture and took first place in the advanced open division. I'll upload the other pictures I submitted also over the next few days (even though they didn't place). This image was taken in the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park at Fisherman's Wharf. They had some very neat old ships that were mostly closed by the time we got there so we didn't pay the fare to get on (the one remaining open ship). I found this chain very interesting. Particularly I liked the lighting, the texture, and how the webs are intermingled with these strong chains. Post processing done in lightroom (black and white/vignetting) and photoshop to remove a disctracting string and light spot. Original here, scroll down to Advanced category, and you can also see some of the other winners of the night.

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