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Since I started my blog with one of my more recent photographs, I thought it might be fun to go back to one of my first photos.  This was taken with my new used camera (Canon 10D), completely clueless on all the knobs and dials and with a 28-80mm kit lens that came with it.  My big dreams of being a great photographer all started here, Thanksgiving 2005.
Jersey || Canon EOS 10D/28.0-80.0 mm | 1/10 | f/3.5 | ISO 100 | Handheld
Ha!  Crooked photo and blurry!  At least I had a stellar subject.  This must have been my first attempt at shooting in RAW mode, so I shot program mode with no flash, and was definitely too dark.  At least I've progressed a little bit since then right? 🙂

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